Det verkar som att du använder Internet Explorer.

Tyvärr har Internet Explorer inte fått några riktiga uppdateringar sedan 2015, då Microsoft introducerade sin nya webbläsare Edge. Som ett resultat har inte Explorer stöd för moderna webbtekniker, vilket resulterar i att moderna webbsidor (som denna) inte visas ordentligt.

Länkarna nedan hjälper dig installera en ny webbläsare, ifall du inte redan har en.

It seems like you are using Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer has not received any real attention since 2015, when Microsoft introduced their new web browser Edge. As a result, Internet Explorer does not support modern web technologies, which means that modern websites (such as this one) will not display as intended.

The links below will help you install a new web browser, if you do not already have one installed.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
April 15, 2024 10:19 AM

Sdiptech selected for Cupole's Symbiosis 2024 shortlist - recognizing Sweden's top companies committed to responsible growth

We are proud to share that Sdiptech was nominated for the prestigious Symbiosis Award by Cupole.

This nomination is a testament to our commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions within the infrastructure sector. While we have not clinched the award, the nomination alone is a significant acknowledgment of our efforts and impact. It encourages us to continue striving for excellence and innovation in our projects. We thank Cupole for this recognition and appreciate the continued support from our community, partners, and team members. This nomination servesas further motivation to pursue our goal of enhancing urban life through sustainable technology and infrastructure.

About Cupole Symbiosis

Cupole provide management consultancy services for the market leaders of tomorrow. This means that we aid companies that break new ground in realizing their full potential.

To be competitive in the long term – a good bottom line isn’t enough. The business model needs to hold up for changing consumer trends and a changing society. The companies need to take responsibility for their surroundings in order to secure success over time.

This led us to start looking for champions. Companies that we believe fulfil the requirements to stand the test of time. They aren’t always perfect. But their direction serve as an inspiration to others.

Since we already compiled the data – we thought – why not share the results with the rest of the world? That is why we created the Symbiosis award. An award where we praise the companies of today, that challenge the status quo of their industry, with the potential to become the market leaders of tomorrow.

The selection process is divided into three phases. First, all registered companies with a revenue over 100 MSEK are analysed on the basis of the financial ratio EBIT. The companies are sorted out based on the growth of revenue and stability of EBIT during the last years. A selection of these companies are then analysed, focusing on the businesses’ commitment to profit, people and planet and the list of companies are reduced based on how well they have managed to incorporate relevant aspects of the Symbiosis criteria into their business model.

When a shortlist remains, the jury work begins in which the jury jointly decides which companies best meet the requirements and should thus be awarded Sweden’s top responsible-growth companies.