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Tyvärr har Internet Explorer inte fått några riktiga uppdateringar sedan 2015, då Microsoft introducerade sin nya webbläsare Edge. Som ett resultat har inte Explorer stöd för moderna webbtekniker, vilket resulterar i att moderna webbsidor (som denna) inte visas ordentligt.

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Unfortunately, Internet Explorer has not received any real attention since 2015, when Microsoft introduced their new web browser Edge. As a result, Internet Explorer does not support modern web technologies, which means that modern websites (such as this one) will not display as intended.

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July 23, 2020 10:37 AM

Sdiptech lists: How to reduce your water consumption this summer

Many of the activities that belong to the summer are water-related, but not enough for pools to be filled and lawns to be watered. In addition, more people are holidaying at home this summer than in many years, which puts a further strain on water consumption. Despite the fact that the summer has only just begun, there is already a water ban in several Swedish municipalities [1]. In connection with this, the technology group Sdiptech gives tips on what you as an individual can think of to reduce your water consumption during the critical summer months.

Sdiptech is a technology group that creates more sustainable, efficient and safe societies by acquiring and developing businesses that offer solutions to critical needs in the infrastructure sector, such as sewage treatment, water systems and water treatment. According to recent statistics from SMHI, groundwater levels in several parts of Sweden are far below normal for the season. In these areas, more precipitation is needed for several months to get a normal groundwater situation in the large reservoirs [2]. Since the corona pandemic has led to more homesteaders this summer, it is extra important that everyone is helped to manage the water we have. Therefore, Sdiptech lists some simple tips on how you can reduce your water consumption this summer:

· Review leaking taps, water and sewage systems - large parts of the clean drinking water produced in water treatment plants leak unnecessarily due to leaking pipes

· Collect rainwater from gutters and use it to water the garden

· Place a water can in the refrigerator instead of rinsing in the tap until it gets cold

· Take short showers and above all - save the bathtub bathing until this autumn

· Switch off the tap when brushing your teeth or washing yourself

· Do not wash under running water and wait to run dishwashers and washing machines until they are completely full

· If you need to water your plants, do it early in the morning, evening or night and water with a jug or water hose that you hold in your hand instead of a sprinkler

· Place potted plants in shady places on sunny days

· Use cover cultivation to reduce water evaporation in the soil

· Wait to do new planting until the fall

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[2] SMHI: https: //