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June 21, 2021 1:00 PM

Sdiptech launches long-term sustainability goals

Press release
21 June 2021, 13:00

Sdiptech launches long-term sustainability goals

Sdiptech AB (publ)'s business model for several years has been to acquire and develop leading niche companies with products and services that contribute to more sustainable, efficient and safe societies. The company is now taking another step, launching four long-term sustainability goals.

Sdiptech's business philosophy is that companies with sustainable business models and few sustainability risks have better conditions for long-term profitability and growth, which is clarified in the company's Handbook for Responsible Investments. To ensure Sdiptech's role as a responsible acquirer and owner, three approaches are used: exclusion (opt-out), inclusion (opt-in) and influence (developing existing companies). Sdiptech's sustainability goals have been developed according to the same methodology, with the company's materiality analysis as a base.

Sdiptech's long-term sustainability goals:

Financial sustainability

All companies acquired by Sdiptech must contribute to one or more of the UN's global goals for sustainable development

Environmental sustainability

Sdiptech shall reduce its carbon dioxide intensity (CO2e/turnover) from its own operations by 50% within five years (between 2021 and 2026)

Social sustainability

By 2030, Sdiptech shall be gender equal (men and women represented in the range of 40–60%) in leading positions


All companies within the Sdiptech Group must have incentives that are linked to sustainability-related goals.

“Our greatest opportunity to contribute to increased social and climate related sustainability occurs externally on the revenue side through our business units' products and services, contributing to increased sustainability, efficiency and safety in our societies. It is the core of our business and something we consolidate in our sustainability goals. Going forward, we will work just as much with internal issues by developing and helping our existing companies to make even more long-term sustainable decisions, which also is establish in our goals. We have recently taken many important sustainability steps, but now we are ramping up to further strengthen our position”, says Jakob Holm, President and CEO of Sdiptech.

Sdiptech uses measurable key figures that are evaluated and monitored annually. The collection of measurable data will be communicated on an ongoing basis, including in Sdiptech's sustainability report.

“The four goals follow a clear structure that is integrated into both the acquisition process of new companies, and the development work of existing ones. The fact that we link incentives to the sustainability goals, for both individual business units and the Group as a whole, has an important signal value that fits well into our decentralised model”, says My Lundberg, Sustainability & IR Manager at Sdiptech.

For further information, please contact:
Jakob Holm, VD, +46 761 61 21 91,
Bengt Lejdström, CFO, +46 702 74 22 00,
My Lundberg, Sustainability & IR Manager, +46 703 61 18 10,

The information was sent for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, on 21 June 2021, at 13:00 CEST.

Sdiptech’s common shares of series B are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm under the short name SDIP B with ISIN code SE0003756758.
Sdiptech’s preferred shares are traded under the short name SDIP PREF with ISIN code SE0006758348.
Further information is available on the company's website:

Sdiptech is a technology group that acquires and develops market-leading niche operations that contribute to creating more sustainable, efficient and safe societies. Sdiptech has approximately SEK 2,000 million in sales and is based in Stockholm.